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Employee Engagement

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Having to Consider Redundancies?

Posted on 12 August 2020

  Here we set out the key areas an employer needs to consider and work through to handle any potential redundancies.   Considerations before Redunda... Continue reading >

Staff Sickness on a Bank Holiday?

Posted on 18 May 2020

How sickness falling on a bank holiday is dealt with depends on whether bank holidays are included within statutory holiday entitlement or are in addi... Continue reading >

Furlough Information

Posted on 28 March 2020

We are in a strange and desperate place just now and due to numerous requests for documentation in relation to the furlough of staff we have temporari... Continue reading >

six people smiling
Nov, 2018

Employee motivation        

Posted by Helen in Employee Engagement

To get the best from your employees you must be willing to invest in some effort into implementing motivational measures. A motivated workforce can bring:  improved productivity higher staff retention levels lower levels of absenteeism better customer service a better reputation for the business   Comm...

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Oct, 2016

Dealing with that Negative Employee        

Posted by Helen in Employee Engagement

A good working environment is not just about the fixtures and fittings, it is so important to have pleasant people to work with and a nice atmosphere to work in.   The matter could be simple gripes and groans but these can fester if they are not aired and resolved, so here are our key do's and don'ts to...

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vision for growth
Aug, 2016


Posted by Helen in Employee Engagement

It's good to know that employees are engaged with their role and the business as this has a positive effect on staff performance, attendance and retention.  Staff loyalty can also engage customer loyalty through building of trust and relationships. There are some simple ways in which you can measure the...

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