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Employment References

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An Employee Resignation During a Disciplinary Process

Posted on 02 September 2021

An employer cannot refuse to accept an employee’s resignation at any time.  If an employee has submitted their resignation it is valid even if the ... Continue reading >

What is Workplace Mediation?

Posted on 02 September 2021

Mediation is where an impartial third party, helps people in dispute to attempt to reach a resolution by facilitating a conversation between the parti... Continue reading >

Key Information on Overtime

Posted on 02 September 2021

Overtime is usually classed as hours worked above normal full time hours. Salaried positions often do not attract overtime payments, but it is common ... Continue reading >

Q & A
Apr, 2015

Employment References        

Posted by Helen in Employment References

The Main Position on References Employers have no legal obligation to provide a reference for a current or a former employee.   Providing a Reference If you do decide to give a reference there are a few rules:  It needs to be accurate It needs to be given in good faith It needs to be compiled with reas...

Continue reading >