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Having to Consider Redundancies?

Posted on 12 August 2020

  Here we set out the key areas an employer needs to consider and work through to handle any potential redundancies.   Considerations before Redunda... Continue reading >

Staff Sickness on a Bank Holiday?

Posted on 18 May 2020

How sickness falling on a bank holiday is dealt with depends on whether bank holidays are included within statutory holiday entitlement or are in addi... Continue reading >

Furlough Information

Posted on 28 March 2020

We are in a strange and desperate place just now and due to numerous requests for documentation in relation to the furlough of staff we have temporari... Continue reading >

Dec, 2019

What Pre-Employment Checks are Needed?        

Posted by Helen in Recruitment

Pre-employment checks are a key part of the recruitment process in an organisation.  Here we look at the most commonly used vetting approaches.   References References are the most common form of pre-employment vetting.  There is a tendency towards a cautious approach from people giving references due...

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good job handwritten on paper
Jan, 2015

How to write a Recruitment Advert        

Posted by Helen in Recruitment

General Information You will need to think carefully about the content of a good recruitment advert so that it is clear and attracts the people with the right qualifications and experience to apply. Depending on how you are going to advertise the vacancy also has an impact on content in terms of how much...

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Dec, 2013


Posted by Helen in Recruitment

Great news if you are recruiting so here is our advice for interview questions.   Prepare a list of questions which can be asked to all candidates. This will ensure consistency and fairness as it gives each interviewee the same opportunity to advise of their skills and abilities.   You do not need to r...

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Picture of employment documentation
May, 2013

Can I with draw a job offer?        

Posted by Helen in Recruitment

What happens if I advertise a job and after interviews find I no longer have the position as something has changed internally?   If you have not made a job offer to any of the candidates after interview then it is fine just to communicate back to the candidates that there is a change of plan and you won...

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