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Termination of Employment

Blog Posts

Good Employee Induction

Posted on 05 April 2022

If you are recruiting there is a great opportunity to welcome and engage new staff members when they join the organisation.  A good induction will al... Continue reading >

2022 Employment Changes

Posted on 14 December 2021

What to look out for in 2022:   The National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage From 6th April 2022, the new hourly rates recommended by the Low... Continue reading >

What is Custom and Practice in Employment?

Posted on 04 November 2021

Custom and practice relates to long standing working arrangements and practices that have become the norm.  These customs and practices may therefore... Continue reading >

Nov, 2021

How to reclaim training fees from a leaver        

Posted by Helen in Termination of Employment

Organisations often make an investment in staff training programmes and courses to develop skills which are valuable to both the employee and the organisation.  The organisation of course wants to see the benefit of that training and therefore the question can arise as to whether the employee can be ask...

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Jul, 2018

What is Automatically Unfair Dismissal?        

Posted by Helen in Termination of Employment

What is Automatically Unfair Dismissal?  Automatically unfair dismissal occurs when the dismissal violates an employee’s statutory legal rights.  There are many grounds on which an employee can claim automatic unfair dismissal, but the most common are:  Dismissals arising from pregnancy, taking of m...

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Jul, 2018

Understanding Notice Periods        

Posted by Helen in Termination of Employment

Notice periods to be given by an employer or an employee to terminate employment (for whatever reason e.g. dismissal, redundancy, resignation, retirement etc.) need to be specified within a contract of employment, in accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996.  The only exception to this is in the c...

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Jan, 2017

Potentially Fair Reasons for Termination of Employment        

Posted by Helen in Termination of Employment

We had a question recently about termination of employment and where to find a letter on Fingertip to cover it.  Our answer was that it depends on the reason for the termination as this determines what is needed. Here we cover the essential points in relation of the ending of employment.   1.  If some...

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